Baroque en noir, vernisaj la Muzeul de Arta Vizuala Galati

gfdIMG_3136 IMG_3172 IMG_3182 IMG_3201 IMG_3244 IMG_3247 IMG_3249 IMG_3265 O94A9520 O94A9568 O94A9571 O94A9584 O94A9586 O94A9591 O94A9595 O94A9601 O94A9609 O94A9610 O94A9613 O94A9619 O94A9627 O94A9629 O94A9640 O94A9645 O94A9647 O94A9650 O94A9652 O94A9659 O94A9660 O94A9665 O94A9668 O94A9670 O94A9672 O94A9675 O94A9676 O94A9680 O94A9684 O94A9688 O94A9693 O94A9694 O94A9697 O94A9700 O94A9703 O94A9725 O94A9726 O94A9731 O94A9735 O94A9742


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